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» Prepositions in, on, at,


  • Türkçe'de -de, -da anlamlarına gelen In, On, At edatlarının zaman zarfları ile kullanımını tek tek inceleyelim.

  • IN

    1. in ile günün üç bölümü kullanılır. (in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.)

      I get up at seven o'clock in the mornings.
      We are going to play tennis in the afternoon.
      They are coming to the party in the evening.

    2. in ile aylar kullanılır. in January, in March, in December.

      My birthday is in February.
      Schools start in September.
      It rains a lot in November.

    3. in ile mevsimler kullanılır. (in Spring, in Summer, in Autumn.)

      The weather is warm in Spring.
      The weather is hot in Summer.
      The weather is cold in Winter.

    3. in ile yıllar kullanılır. (in 1995, in 2001.)

      They came to Istanbul in 1985.
      Turkish National Team will be the champion in 2002.

    4. in ile zaman dilimleri kullanılır. (in two weeks' time, in five years' time, in three hours' time.)

      You will train in two week's time.
      They built it in five year's time.
      She will be ready in three hour's time.


    1. on ile hafta içi günler kullanılır. (on Sunday, on Wednesday, on Saturday.)

      He is coming on Monday.
      We don't work on Saturdays.

    2. on günün sabah, öğleden sonra ve akşam vakitleri için kullanılır. (on Monday morning, on Friday evening.)

      The meeting is on Wednesday afternoon.
      We are leaving on Sunday morning.

    3. on ile tarihi ifade ederiz. (on February 20, on 15 March 2002.)

      It is dueon June 18.
      Her birthday is on 5 August 1976.
      Our Youth and Sport Festival is on May 19.

    4. on ile noel günü ifade edilir. (on Christmas day.)

      They will have a party on Christmas day.


    1. at ile saatler kullanılır. (at 2 o'clock, at half past five.)

      He gets up at 7 o'clock.
      The match starts at quarter to ten.

    2. at geceyarısı ile kullanılır. (at midnight)

      there was a noise at midnight.

    3. at ile hafta sonunu anlatırız. (at weekend)

      We went to a good restaurantat the weekend.

    4. at ile noelde yapılanlar anlatılır. (at Christmas)

      They had a good time at Christmas.


    Bazı zaman zarfları vardır ki bunlar in on at almazlar ve tek kullanılırlar.

    last night
    last week
    next month
    next year
    tomorrow evening
    every day
    the day after tomorrow
    the day before yesterday
    two weeks ago
    yesterday evening
    this evening
    this afternoon
    this morning
    every year


    Fill in the blanks with In, On, At or -0-(Nothing).

     1- Their wedding aniversary is in on at -0- October 14.
     2- The program starts in on at -0- quarter past ten.
     3- People go to Uluday for skiing in on at -0- winter.
     4-His appointment is in on at -0- Tuesday afternoon.
     5- What are you doing in on at -0- tomorrow evening?
     6- They will go to a nice restaurand in on at -0- Christmas
     7- They will declare the result in on at -0- twenty minutes' time.
     8- The team played very well in on at -0- last week


     1- on  2- at  3- in  4- on  5- -0-  6- at  7- in  8- -0-

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